La'Ricia \ Founder 

If I were to pick one word that has shaped me, it would be care. Care for others and self-care have been priorities my entire adult life. I’m La’Ricia, a trained nurse practitioner, and a lover of all things healing, so I know well the importance of nurturing. I carefully treat others by day and I channel that same giving spirit into the Honeybee brand candles I create in my studio. 

I’m a native of New Orleans and I believe in the power of reinvention much like the city that was my first home. To that end, understanding my story means understanding how loss creates opportunities for re-birth. 

I know in my heart my entrepreneurial spirit was initially motivated by the unexpected passing of two pivotal family members. Losing loved ones so close together is not an experience I’d ever wish on anyone but the clarity I received during my healing was invaluable. My baby brother and grandmother always believed I’d do something special and so in their honor, inspired by their love for me, I summoned all of my strength to change course, clearing my head and repairing my heart in the process. 

I now curate scents that evoke joyful memories, both for myself and for others. Pouring myself into candle-making saved me. It’s a way to physically manifest the thoughts & experiences that make me who I am. I believe that working with my hands - paying close attention to the details of scent pairings while steering clear of unnecessary chemicals to promote healthier overall wellness - gave me a new lease on life during a difficult time and provided a way to touch others struggling with pain, stress or a troubling situation. Hand-crafting my candles is more therapeutic than I’d ever imagined and I hope you feel that love and healing with each product. 

Carefully tested non-toxic and sustainable materials, hand-poured vegan-friendly ingredients, unique scents and a true love for what I do are the things I believe set Honeybee Candles apart from others. With Honeybee Candle Co., each encounter is more memorable than the last. Let me set a scent mood for your self-care experience.