• An innovative way to spread the relaxing aroma of a Honeybee Candle Co. scent has arrived! Our newest collaboration brings together the calming power of Honeybee Candle Co. and the convenience that technology brings. Secure your diffuser and one 10ml scent.
    • With dual capabilities as an oil diffuser, air humidifier and purifier, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Perfect for work, home or any woman constantly on the go, it’s portable and arrives in a signature Honeybee Candle Co. muslin travel bag that can be reused. The LED light has a wide range of seven color settings and the unit itself is available in dark or light wood so that everyone’s tastes are met. It is an effortless way to prolong yet another memorable scent experience.

    LED Ultrasonic Cool Air Oil Diffuser

      • Weight: 0.6Ibs
      •  13 in x 13 in x 18 in
      •  Lasts 4 hours when full
      •  Low water level alarm; auto shut off after water depletion
      •  150 ml fill capacity